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and there goes zayn, slaying all our faves by declaring support for palestine on eid in the most public manner he can

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paperboatheart replied to your post “someone on okcupid asked me what part of chilli i was from and i just…”

the hot part … duh

HAHAHAHA ok yeah thats a better answer <3

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Never forget

what the fuck is this website

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A wake up call to all the ahistorical drones defending Israel, touting the myth that it just wanted peace in 1948 but all the evil Arabs invaded:

The ethnic cleansing of Palestine began before the 1948 war.

There are three especially important massacres that the Zionist gangs carried out against Palestinians in that period. These massacres were not a coincidence, they were not a “reality of war”, they were calculated and designed to instill terror in the Palestinian population, and as a result, drive as many to flee their lands as possible:

The Deir Yassin Massacre, in which over 107 unarmed civilians were murdered with cold blood, happened in April 1948.

The Tantura Massacre, in the north, after the fall of Haifa. It resulted in over 240 Palestinian deaths. When did this happen? April 1948.

The Arab-Israeli war began in May 1948.

These massacres happened before the war even started. They were in fact one of the main reasons for the intervention of the Arab armies in the first place.

The third massacre, is the Al-Dawayima Massacre, in the middle regions of Palestine. It resulted in over 450 Palestinian deaths. 280 men, and the rest women and children. This happened in October the same year.

Notice that these areas were chosen specifically in every populated region, so that the news travels as fast as possible to every Palestinian.


The Zionists would let a few children “escape” to tell everyone about the massacres. There is evidence of rape and mutilation of corpses. These three massacres created so much terror, that many Palestinians abandoned their lands and hoped to seek refuge in territories under Arab control.

Those who did not move, were of course, removed by force eventually.

This is the birth of the state of Israel. And no amount of Green energy initiatives and Gay Pride parades can cover up the blood seeping from its very roots.

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someone on okcupid asked me what part of chilli i was from and i just got really sad

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The whites are brainwashing our brother


The whites are brainwashing our brother

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The last one made me BURST out laughing in the office! Had to try and show co-workers without letting them see the REST of my dashboard. AWKWARD!

Tears from laughing!!!! I love dog shaming posts. They’re so cute!

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